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Ces photos mont magnifiques... Très jolis portraits


nice angle


i imagine when i get old id be doing the same hobbies reading books watching tv. programming. walking around the city. i wonder if they re able to do the same.


the profile...

i bet she was just beautiful in her day.

actually, she's still that way now.


Lovely profile shot :)


pour moi celle-là est la meillleur photo de toutes...très puissante !!


I love the lola's profile.


The one in profile is delightful Sidney

luna miranda

the 2nd photo is simply beautiful! have a great weekend.


Extraordinaire profile de cette Mamie dont le portrait fait penser à ces suelettes parcheminés dénichés par quelque explorateur du 19eme siècle.


The second photo is my favorite in this black and white series.:)


Fantastic, Sidney!!!

Another interesting series would be on handicapped people in the Philippines. I lived in China in the mid 80s, where 'special' people were hidden. How is it in the Philippines? (I know, but others might not...)

Allbest, brommel


That's a superb profile photograph!


These portraits are bittersweet! melancholy in a way because of the B&W hues. Great images. I feel for them because I grew up with my lola. felt a mix of, bare, signs of years past etched in every line and shadow and longing I guess.

It reminded me of Anawim in Montalban where we used to visit. They also remind me of my Inay and Lola.


you know how oldies smile even though they don't? they just look at you in a very passive mood, but from the perspective of the person looking at her, you are seeing differently. it's like the years of experience are embeded on their faces already. count the creases on their faces and those eyes that have witnessed a great mile. i totally love your profile shot. it made me think more than I can handle. geez, i suddenly miss my lola. :-(


love love the 2nd photo! are you a soul keeper? you really do capture a part of your subject souls in your portraits!

Rach (Soulful Thoughts)

Great portraits Sidney.

Wishing you a Happy Friday!


The portrait of the woman's profile is awesome . . . each line in her face tells a story. I think this is my favorite series of yours, Sidney. (I previously had this comment in the wrong place, so I reposted it).


tes portraits sont très beaux

La Chouette

De bien belles photos de la vieillesse


la photo de profil est terrible ;-)


Two fine shots. The profile portrait strikes me as unusual and especially appealing. What character is shown in these shots.

Ashish Sidapara

Very nice images, love the second one!


some very proud women here that you have captured with dignity, the side profile of the one lady is excellent


I love the 2nd shot. Very dramatic!

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